SELF LOVE IS NOT SELFISH- A step-by-step guide to self-love!

Self love is not selfish and never let anyone tell you differently! Taking care of your mental, physical and emotional health is a way of living a happy and healthy life. Most often we are taught that prioritizing yourself or your needs is selfish and you should focus your energies on other people and their happiness. Self love is more about how you treat yourself than how others treat you because the way we see ourselves shapes how others see us too. Every badass woman knows her worth and loves herself no matter what the society tries to preach her, because she knows that her power to love and respect herself will let her conquer the world. On the days when the world seems a little grey do not forget that self love is not a destination, it’s a work in progress. To keep you ladies going through this beautiful journey of self love we have created a step by step guide for you to fall back on those gloomy days:  

Never compare yourself to anyone

‘There’s only one you’, and this is your biggest superpower. My ladies, you all need to realize is that you are god’s most unique creation, there is no one else like you. Comparison kills your motivation, your resolve and your pace. It takes away your power to stand out. Be confident in who you are, confidence isn’t thinking you are better than anyone else, it’s realizing that you have no reason to compare yourself to anyone. On your journey of self love never forget that how you see yourself is all that matters.

Recognize and accept your emotional state

Be aware of your feelings, no one is happy and cheerful all the time. An important part of self love is knowing that it’s ok to have a bad day, or week or even a slump period. Always check in with your emotional state frequently, give yourself time to heal from things that hurt you. Never ever put on the ‘All ok mask’, pretending everything is fine never resolves the issue. Let yourself feel the things you’re feeling, show yourself some kindness and love. And while understanding your emotional state try to move on from things that aren’t aligning very well with you.


A key part of self love is maintaining your physical health for your body’s proper functionality. Mental health is also a key part of self love and exercising helps with that too. Exercise helps in boosting endorphins and helps us in relieving our stress. Exercising doesn’t have to mean just going to the gym, you can do your favorite physical activity, or just simply go on a walk, do yoga, play a game of badminton with your friends. The key is to incorporate physical activities in your daily routine because it will help you maintain your mental and physical health and help you along on your journey of self love.

Eating Right

You cannot expect to be the best version of yourself if you feel terrible. Your energy level contributes to how you feel and that is in your control if you have a balanced diet. Pay attention to foods your body doesn’t accept. Taking care of your body and keeping a track of your diet is an act of self love. Eating right doesn’t mean you need to be dieting; it’s not about your weight but more about how you feel. Your body is like a temple, when you take care of your physical health, it automatically not just makes you feel good about yourself but also keeps your overall health good which helps in proper functionality of your organs.

Forgiving yourself and committing to self love

Slow down, tune in and connect with yourself. Making mistakes- big or small is a part of life. Never bash yourself for something you feel terrible and guilty about, life moves on and so should you. Embracing self-compassion with kindness and empathy will help you make better decisions in future.  Any kind of negative energy can be extremely exhausting. If you have any negative emotions about yourself let go of them by forgiving yourself so that you can embrace more loving behavior. Never forget that self love doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a process. You need to let go of your bad habits and any kind of negative energy trying to hold you back. Be grateful for your existence and do things for your happiness and peace of mind.


Self love will heal you, empower you, restore you and open up new worlds within you and all around you. It is the key to your mental, emotional and spiritual health.