Body positivity

A women’s existence doesn’t depend on how desirable the world finds her. It’s heartbreaking to see how massive insecurities have been implanted in woman so that people can make money out of it. Perfection is an illusion. We as a society need to make a comfortable space for woman where they are not consistently forced to be in a race of perfect- Perfect weight, perfect body shape, perfect colour, perfect hair, the list is too long. Our motive is to create a safe and comfortable space for woman, where they can be unapologetically themselves and realise how rare and beautiful they are. We thrive to see a world where woman are comfortable in their skin and don’t forget to give themselves the love that they so freely give to people around them.

Woman empowerment

“Equality” is not a very complicated concept, but patriarchy has deliberately made it complicated. Ms. Malala Yousafzai, the youngest nobel laureate famously quoted “I raise up my voice- not so i can shout, but so that those without a voice can be heard. We cannot succeed when half of us are held back”, and this statement defines the basis of woman empowerment. It’s so strange to see that even after enormous changes have been taken for gender equality, headlines about rape, dowry killing, female foeticide, domestic violence, still make to the front of newspapers everyday. Deep rooted ideologies of gender bias and discrimination at homes and workplaces have restricted the fundamental rights of a woman. There is no end to the harassment and humiliation a woman faces for the actions of a man, why do we ask what the woman was wearing when she was raped and not question the man. We as a society need to watch the steps we take, knowingly or unknowingly we have been killing the spirit of a woman. Women are not asking to be superior to men, women just wants to have equal rights. Starin’ stands with women around the world and we aspire to create an environment where women are not scared of those staring eyes around them but brave enough to stare back again.

Stop Rape Culture

Women have been taught that their bodies will cause men to sin. They are told that if they show too much of their skin, boys will do stupid things. How about Instead of teaching women not to dress provocatively, to take up less space, watch when and where to walk, don’t be dominant, carry pepper spray always, don’t go to public restrooms alone, don’t go on a walk alone, don’t drink too much, don’t leave your drink unattended, don’t go out at night, don’t be over friendly, we teach Men “NOT TO RAPE”. High time we stop victim blaming and shame shifting, NO, it’s not the outfit that caused Rape, it’s not the dress, it’s not the time and location, it’s the alcohol consumption, IT IS THE RAPIST WHO RAPED and No amount of excuses can deny this fact. Education starts at home, don’t try to protect your daughters instead teach your sons about consent. We as a society need to understand that what a girl wears has nothing to with her intelligence or self respect, do not obey rules that enforce rape culture and slut shaming.

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