Buttoned Satin Dress - Red

SKU: D183/XS

₹ 1,999

Product Details: Slip into sophistication with this luxe buttoned satin slip dress with romantic v-neckline, buttons on the front and mid slit! This stunning dress has adjustable straps and zip at the back. Pair with stilettos and chandelier earrings to complete the look! Perfect for parties and date nights.

Size & Fit: The model (height 5'8) is wearing a size XS.

Care: Hand wash 


  Fabric- Satin 

  Occasion- Cocktail, party 

  Shape- Fitted

  Neck- V-neckline

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Name Starin' comes from the word “Stare” We aim to change the negative notion attached to this word, any women easily gets uncomfortable and scared by being stared at because in a way we know that the stare is full of lust and judgement, we want to change the notion of “stare”, converting stares of lust and judgement to stare of appreciation.

Creating a non judgemental environment for women is not as easy as it sounds. Do women really wear what they want to wear or they have to think millions of times before buying an outfit which might be revealing or just trendy/fashionable. Taking a basic day to day decision of what one should wear is affected by so many factors, what people would think, i’m gonna get all the bad stares, eve teasing, i might not be safe wearing this, even if a girl just tries to become carefree of the societal pressure, body image kicks in. Society’s distorted perception of beauty have made women around the world believe that they are something that has to be fixed which further has lead to build insecurities in women and have totally shattered their confidence. It’s time women start to be themselves, confidently and unapologetically. Nothing and no one should affect how a women wants to be and what she chooses to wear. We aspire to bring change in the society in a way that women can make independent and carefree decisions for themselves. A women should carry herself as she wants to and not how people want her to, just to avoid drama, stares and judgements, why does she have to change the way of her life. If a girl wants to wear a pretty little dress without feeling unsafe, why can’t she? Every girl is entitled to do and wear whatever she wants without being stared judgementally and body shamed. Let’s change the notion of staring, let’s make “A women too comfortable in her skin and how she decides to carry herself” that it becomes so so common and regular that she doesn’t have to think 100 of times before wearing what she wants to wear. We all know that there is dress/outfit sitting in a corner of each girls wardrobe, which she’s dying to wear and wears it sometimes when alone or with girlfriends but not outside because she doesn’t feel safe. Let’s change that!

Enough of women shrinking themselves to fit in, it’s time to break the barriers. It’s time for women to thrive and shine, to be the best version of themselves, to let go of all the shame and insecurities deep rooted in them, to take up all the space without letting anyone tell them what or what not to do. Let’s create a safe and comfortable space for our women because FEMALE IS THE FUTURE.

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